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Our team of fitness and nutrition professionals are invested in your health. We make every decision with our members’ well-being in mind. Achieve your goals with us!

The Team

Josh & Charisse Carabin owners of Jono Athletics

Josh & Charisse Carabin


Josh loves JONO! Loves the people, loves the coaching, loves the style of training we provide and can’t wait to help you! “I love working with people. I get a lot of energy out of the folks that come through our doors everyday and am always happy to be in the gym coaching them”. With over 15,000 hours of coaching experience, you are sure to develop your fitness with Coach Josh helping you! Josh does most of our No Sweat Intros and On Ramps and will help you navigate getting into the gym, setting goals and crushing those workouts every day!

Charisse Carabin coach at Jono Athletics

Charisse “Charissey” Carabin


Momma bear at JONO Athletics! Charisse owns JA alongside her hubby Josh. Specializing in Nutrition Coaching, Charisses gentle demeanour and easy going smile will help you feel at ease as you begin to navigate the sometimes murky waters of nutrition. Charisse meets each client where they are at and tailors a program specific to their needs and takes accountability to another level. Constantly studying the forever changing topic of “food health” she not only brings a wealth of knowledge relating to nutrition but also life! With 4 kids to feed plus a husband with a seemingly bottomless stomach Charisse can relate to the typical challenges faced by most of us as we pursue health with our food. Book your appointment with Charisse today!

Steph Rice coach at Jono Athletics

Steph Rice


It was almost a year ago when JONO was at a crossroads. We knew that our women’s only program (Athena) needed room to grow. But we didn’t have the staffing to expand it. Enter Head Coach Steph Rice. Steph has an extensive background in the fitness industry and brings a ton of knowledge and experience to the Athena floor but that’s not why we hired her. Steph’s care for the ladies in the Athena program is incredible. She makes the room feel like a home as she pushes you to be the best version of yourself. One of the best qualities a coach can have is vision…a coach that can see the potential of their client and then bring them to that potential is the perfect coach. Steph is that coach and it’s why she is the Head Coach of our JONO Athletic’s Athena program.

Rachael Martin coach at Jono Athletics

Rachael “Ray Ray” Martin


We all have those days we don’t want to train. Enter Coach Ray! If I know Ray is coaching, I am instantly going to class! She is fun and engaging with a ton of coaching experience to back it up. Ray has been a part of the JONO Coaching staff for 4 years. There’s a reason Ray also has the role of Client Success Manager at JONO, with a light up the room smile, a desire to see you improve that 1% everyday, you’ll love every second with Coach Ray!

Blaire Mackinnon coach at Jono Athletics

Blaire Mackinnon


Coach Blaire. What can we say, she’s an Athena favourite, one class with her and you’ll see why! Blaire brings so much experience and passion to her role that is infectious to our members! You’ll head into class wanting to work for her and leave feeling happy you did. She brings an easy smile and quiet confidence to coaching that ensures every person in her class is cared for. Coach Blaire is awesome 🙂

Jourdan Macintyre coach at Jono Athletics

Jourdan Macintyre


Strong and confident are some of the words that come to mind when we think about Coach Jourdan but also balanced with a gentleness and sincerity that you cannot help but smile when you know she is going to be coaching your class. Jourdan is also a seasoned Horseback Riding Instructor and has carried her skills of helping others get confident around riding horses into her classes in our Athena program. An avid JONO Athlete, Jourdan adds a ton of wealth in experience and knowledge to our Athena program.

Laura Bowdridge coach at Jono Athletics

Laura Bowdridge


Everybody’s favorite Yogie! Laura started doing Yoga Classes at JONO in 2020 – but her experience goes well beyond that and the JONO Family took to them instantly! Yoga is a hugely popular class for us and for good reason! After pushing our bodies through the week it is so nice to slow down and move with less intensity and focus on our recovery as we chase health and fitness. Laura’s gentle demeanour and restorative flow class is sure to have you feeling relaxed both physically and mentally as she adds various components to ensure we are taking care of the whole body. Along with being JONO’s Yoga Instructor she also regularly coaches classes in our Athena program.

Sonia Macvicar coach at Jono Athletics

Sonia Macvicar


Sonia has been with us from the beginning, first as a member and now as a coach. Sonia could not run the distance between telephone poles when she started at JONO. Now she runs 5Ks. She has also made incredible strength and athletic progress! But more impressive is her quiet, but intentional movement toward her goals. Josh Carabin tells of how Sonia showed her phone to him recently and on it was a note with her goals on it from years ago, and being a coach was one of them! Incredible determination and the perfect example of hard work paying off! Sonia heads up our Master Class and is our mom of the Coaching staff.

Ben Bunin coach at Jono Athletics

Ben Bunin


Have you ever met someone that from the moment you met them, you knew they were a straight-up genuine dude? Ben is that dude. He is a caring guy with an easy smile that makes you feel at home in the gym. As a physiotherapist, Ben has a unique perspective when it comes to training, and his attention to detail will ensure that you are well taken care of during your time in his class.

Jackson Tighe coach at Jono Athletics

Jackson Tighe


Class is large, fun and one you won’t want to miss when Coach Jackson is on the floor. I can remember the day I told my head coaches,”we need a new coach”. I asked them to make a list with your top 3 picks based on who you think will work best for our clients. Guess who was at the top of all our lists, Coach Jackson! His ability to run a fun class and ensure everybody is cared for at their individual level is what makes ol Coach Jack the bomb.

Hannah O'Callaghan coach at Jono Athletics

Hannah O’Callaghan


Our newest Coach at JONO, Hannah has hit the ground running! After going through our “On Ramp” for Coaches program she has settled into her spot on Friday nights. After just her second week I had already received multiple extremely positive comments on her coaching…one person even asked me, “”When is that new coach coaching?, I said oh Hannah, she’s on Friday night, to which our client so “Oh ok good, I am going to go to her class, I loved it!” She is an absolute gem who brings joy to her classes and will be there to take care of you every step of the way!

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